Welcome to Python Explorer! Python Explorer is an open-source, free-to-use, ad-free web application to help learners explore the Python programming language at their preferred pace. Beginning coders can learn about general principles of coding while learning the basics of Python, while more experienced coders can start solving complex coding challenges right away.

To contribute to the project, take a look at the Git repo on GitHub.

Interactive Textbook

Python Explorer includes an interactive programming textbook that helps beginning coders to learn about general principles of coding while learning Python. The textbook contains interactive coding exercises that allow learners to apply what they learn as they learn it. Although all of the interactive exercises only run Python code, the textbook teaches basic coding principles that can be applied to a wide variety of programming languages.

Coding Challenges

The exercises in the interactive textbook help learners to apply specific coding principles in specific ways using just a few lines of code. By contrast, the coding challenges are more complex; they require more work and an integration of knowledge. Coding challenges are broken up first by topic, then by complexity.